Proving how you can achieve in the OneLife Network without spending any money at all, 96 OneLife members earned promotional tokens in just one week without personally purchasing any products or services.

“The OneLife Network has grown exponentially within the past two years and our overall success is directly related to each person’s level of motivation and effort,” said OneLife and OneCoin founder and visionary Dr. Ruja Ignatova. “With almost 100 people in just one week thriving without reaching into their wallets, it’s clear that our system is entirely based on personal effort versus personal wealth.”

From Monday, August 29th to Monday, September 5th, 2016, 92 OneLife members received 1,000 promotional tokens each (equivalent to the level/rank of a “Starter”) simply through purchases made from their customers; an additional member received 5,000 promotional tokens (that of the “Trader” level/rank) simply through purchases of his/her customers; and three members earned 10,000 promotions tokens (that of the “Pro Trader” level/rank), again, simply through purchases of his/her customers.

People often ask “Can I join the OneLife Network and receive promotional tokens without buying any products or services?” and with so many people using a free membership to receive tokens in just one week, the answer is clearly YES. Simply by joining the OneLife Network for free and getting customers, you can earn promotional tokens. For clarification, the tokens are instruments provided by the company on a promotional basis that provide access to the OneCoin mining pools. (Please do note that the company does not guarantee that your tokens will mine coins, nor how many coins can be received).

“Happy mining to the nearly 100 members who just stocked up on their tokens this week through hard work; you are showing the world the strength of the Network,” added Dr. Ignatova.

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“Our system is entirely based on personal effort versus personal wealth”