Steps to success – know your Brand guidelines

We are proud to share that the OneLife Family is getting larger every day! Our members are from all around the world – from different geographic areas and various cultures. OLN is a community with a strong mission and an exciting vision for the future. Therefore, we are confident that brand guidelines that set the grounds for consistent and unified communication are the key to networking success.

Hence we would like to remind you of the importance of your role as Brand Ambassadors, because it directly affects the corporate image of the Company. Remember that you are under strict obligation to always comply with the Ethical Rules for dealing with Clients, other IMAs and Companies, described in the OneLife Terms and Conditions and in the rules regarding advertising initiatives in the IMA Agreement.

During presentations and when communicating promotions, follow the content issued by the Company and avoid any information that could mislead clients, other members or potential stakeholders. IMAs are not allowed to advertise OLN products in a dubious or misleading manner with promises of special benefits when the future outcome is clearly doubtful.

Remember that you should adhere to the requirements for usage and display of the OneLIfe IMA logo as explained in the Guidelines. Misuse of the logo is clearly defined on pages 18 and 38, while the rest of the pages show the correct way to use the OneLife IMA brand identity.

As representatives (IMAs) of OneLife Network you are allowed to use only the OneLife IMA Logo. All other corporate logos of the Company - OneCoin, OneLife, OneWorld Foundation and OneAcademy are used only in corporate communication and members are strictly prohibited from using them.

We have updated and uploaded the OneLife IMA Brand and Advertising Guidelines under Resources on We hope that you will put the OneLife IMA Brand and Advertising Guidelines to good use!

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