We are really pleased to announce the successful launch of the shopping section of our new pilot merchant platform - The DealShaker!

This is great news for all members of the OneLife Network, who can now not only register on the platform, but can also buy and sell products or services using the OneCoin cryptocurrency. Merchants who have already registered can start promoting their deals to a multi-million network and take active part of what promises to become the YEAR OF THE MERCHANTS!

As we announced last month, the DealShaker is the first platform to offer its members the chance to pay for their purchases in a combination of OneCoin cryptocurrency (ONE) and Cash (Euro). Merchants are now able to promote and sell deal coupons for their promotional deal offers, which their potential clients can later redeem in exchange for the promoted service or product.

Being the exclusive cryptocurrency on DealShaker, the rate of ONE will be fixed for all users of the platform, adjusted with the change in the mining difficulty of the OneCoin cryptocurrency.

For all buyers who wish to claim a deal and purchase deal coupons, but do not have enough OneCoins in their OneCoin account, the system will offer an automatic compensation at a fixed selling rate, which will allow them to compensate the ONE deficit in EUR and proceed with their purchase.

Since we value the time and the efforts of our members, login and registration was made easy and quick. All members can access the platform simply by using their OneLife credentials, without having to sign up or register again. You can access the platform through the official web link:

We kindly remind all buyers and sellers that the DealShaker platform will only serve as a mediator to present classified ads of services and products to the OneLife Network. DealShaker will not act as a retailer, but as an advertising platform empowering buyers and sellers globally. Merchants will be solely responsible for all matters related to the deals they offer and their interaction with the customers.

As a pilot version of a software platform, empowering purchases in the unique combination of EUR + ONE, the DealShaker and OneLife teams will be closely collaborating for the first year of operations of the platform to ensure that all feedback received from the OneLife Network will be addressed as efficiently as possible. This will encourage an environment of rapid growth and development for the platform and will help create a stable solid relationship between all users of the One Ecosystem.

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