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OneAcademy is an innovative e-learning platform covering a broad range of financial topics including trading, the stock exchange, cryptocurrency, financial analysis, asset management and more. Our mission is to provide our students with the guidance and educational materials they need to gain sufficient financial literacy and equip them with practical knowledge to plan their financial independence. The 7-level program, developed by finance experts and academics, is highly-structured and easy to understand. Explore a world of opportunities by enrolling into one of our modular based courses. OneAcademy is the right tool for anybody who wants to learn how to manage finance and understand the financial market and its current trends. We take a detailed look into the concept and usability of cryptocurrency as a factor, influencing the global financial structure. Practice is provided for all material covered in the course sessions.Learn at your own pace and be part of the future of global finance.

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Rookie is a free package that includes information about our integrated virtual ecosystem and how it can be used for personal advancement. It comes with a complimentary e-book by Napoleon Hill, titled "Think and Grow Rich". When you register for this package you will be automatically subscribed to our newsletter and kept up-to-date with all things OneLife.


110 €

For those who have no previous financial experience. Includes Level 1 of OneAcademy’s e-learning program. Students will learn basic financial literacy and be introduced to financial products and trading. After completing this module, we issue certification for access to OneExchange. The starter membership gives 1000 FREE tokens which can be put into cryptocurrency mining and generates 110 BV points for network bonuses.  


550 €

Includes OneAcademy Levels 1 and 2. Learn the foundations of financial theory and how to trade with assets. Members will be introduced to asset management, cryptocurrency, and its relation to gold. The trader package gives 5000 FREE tokens which can be put into cryptocurrency mining and generates 550 BV points for network bonuses.  


1 100 €

Includes Levels 1, 2 and 3 of the OneAcademy e-learning program. After completing those modules, members will understand how to earn a profit with cryptocurrency and be able to do basic mining and trading. The pro trader membership gives 10 000 FREE tokens which can be put into cryptocurrency mining and generates 1100 BV points for network bonuses.  


3 300 €

Includes Levels 1 to 4 of the OneAcademy e-learning program. This package introduces the tools required for sustainably managing your finances and can significantly improve trading performance. The executive membership gives 30 000 FREE tokens which can be put into cryptocurrency mining and generates 3300 BV points for network bonuses.  


5 500 €

One of our most advanced educational packages, Tycoon Trader includes 5 levels of OneAcademy. It features an overview of trader psychology, along with practice materials and video presentations. This package also includes extended member rights in the OneCoin digital ecosystem. The tycoon membership gives 60 000 FREE tokens which can be put into cryptocurrency mining and generates 5500 BV points for network bonuses.  

Tycoon Plus Trader Package

7 500 €

An upgrade to one of our most sought-after educational packages contains just the right amount of interactive education packed in 5 OneAcademy modules and extensive video materials to keep the balance between learning and trading practice. Tycoon + traders are provided with 81 818 FREE tokens which are directly set to auto-mining feature and optimize the trading experience. This package contributes with 7 500 BV points for network bonuses.


13 750 €

Recommended for those interested in reaching a high level of proficiency in asset management and trading. Includes all 6 educational levels, along with extended strategies for crypotcurrency miners.The premium membership gives 150 000 FREE tokens which can be put into cryptocurrency mining and generates 13 750 BV points for network bonuses.  


27 500 €

Infinity Trader offers exclusive features to help traders optimize their efforts and gain substaintial trading skills. With this package, members get full access to all 6 OneAcademy levels and the special 7th module for people who seek to upgrade their skills and knowledge to a master level.The infinity membership gives 300 000 FREE tokens which can be put into cryptocurrency mining and generates 25 000 BV points for network bonuses.  


Ultimate Package

118 000 €

The Ultimate Package comes as a response to the many incoming inquiries for 1 ultimate solution for our members who are determined to go ALL IN. It includes full educational program with all extended learning and practice materials, instant access to all future updates of the existing program and the highest priority trading rights in the internal practice trading platform. This unique product is packed with 1 311 111 FREE tokens and generates 118 000 BV for network bonuses.

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