We are committed to support talent and invest in the well-being of future generations. The OneWorld Foundation supports initiatives and activities that are dedicated to the concept of empowering children through education and personal development.


Access to water fosters education

"Water is the driving force of all nature" said Leonardo da Vinci once. Without water, there would be no life. Unfortunately, millions of children and their families still face the difficulty of finding clean drinking water.


As we believe that OWF is driving change, we decided to grant the funding requested by the Foundation for Uganda Women Development (FFUWD) for the construction of a ferrocement water tank. The tank will be placed in the Nakaloke Subcounty, Mbale District in Eastern Uganda. It will be in a close proximity to the Kolonyi P/S school and will also be accessible by the people in the villages of Namunsi and Nambulu. It is estimated that the water tank will be able to collect 10 000 liters and will serve 2560 women and children.


Ferrocement tanks are used in many regions of the world to collect and store rainwater for drinking and washing. They consist of a cement-rich mortar reinforced with layers of wire mesh and they are cheaper and easy to build by the community itself.


The reason we decided to support this project is because inadequate access to clean water combined with poor personal hygiene is one of the leading causes of preventable diseases such as diarrheal or dysentery. Lack of safe and drinkable water is one of the main causes for high child mortality in the rural areas. Apart from that, girls and women have to travel big distances in order to reach water sources which might not be safe. Thus, we also hope to reduce the number of rape cases as the girls and women will no longer have to travel long distances alone. Students will be also encouraged to go to school as there will be clean drinking water and they will be able to spend more time studying and doing their homework.


Finally, we hope that the project will contribute for improving the health status of the community and provide water security for the poorest families and their children. Our partners from the FFUWD will implement several training seminars and workshops on different topics such as construction and proper usage of ferrocement tanks, benefits of rainwater usage and importance of personal hygiene. Regular village meetings will be held in order to involve all community members and transform them from beneficiaries to stakeholders who put efforts in preserving the tank and taking care of it.

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E-learning center for vulnerable youths

We are very happy to announce our partnership with Educate A Child International which is a community based organization, located in Kases Municipality of Uganda.


We funded the establishment of a local e-learning center where vulnerable youths below the age of 25 will receive computer training. The project is targeting 60 youths in the three divisions of Kasese Municipality under the theme “Technological Entrepreneurship and Creativity". We decided to support this project in order to bridge the gap between education and technology in Uganda.


The center aims to enhance participants' creative thinking and problem solving skills. The youths will be encouraged to come up with business self-help ideas which has the potential to transform the life in the community. They will be also supported to apply for microfinance from local institutions so to develop their ideas.


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Educating tobacco child workers

We continue with projects trying to remedy the situation of child labourers worldwide. This time we are turning our eyes to the country of Malawi and its tobacco plantations. OneWorld Foundation decides to support the work of the Centre for Child Development and Research (CCDR), Malawi. CCDR is a local child and youth-focused, non-governmental organization that envisions Malawi as a country where children have the opportunity to grow and develop to their full potential in a caring, supportive, and protective environment.


OneWorld Foundation will provide the funding needed for the construction of four sites for the Community Based Child Centers (CBCCs) which are operated by CCDR in four districts. These centers function as an intervention measure to child labour in the tobacco industry. Unfortunately, so far the CBCCs did not have their own venues and carried out their activities in church buildings, except one which had build one classroom. This is one of their biggest challenges as it affecting the quality and the consistency of the services offered at the centers due to the fact that classes are often suspended during some days when the church has to use the building. What is more, the rainy seasons further limits their meeting opportunities. Therefore, OWF funding will be used to purchase iron sheets, cement and other building materials which will make it possible for the CCDR to build permanent structures (classrooms) where classes can be held, regardless of the weather conditions.


Another major challenge in front of CCDR was the lack of playing and learning materials which will be also provided with our help. We will make sure that the classrooms are equipped with all school essentials.


We are sure that once the children see their new safe and cozy classrooms, their enrollment will increase and with that their results as well. What we are trying to do is to show both children and parents an attractive alternative to sending their children on the tobacco field. The centers will also raise the community's awareness of the issue too and the importance of educations.

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